Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two O’Clock Awakenings- Listening to God

Stand in the Gap taught me to "listen" for God. I've learned it several times now and continue to learn "how to listen for what God would like me to hear."

See below: 2 O''clock awakenings

The “two o’clocks” are those nights when you awaken at the same time several nights in a row. They are gifts for you. They are your quiet time with your God.

After that first flush of self-pity about being “awake again” in the middle of the night and getting past my self-centered pain syndrome; I wonder, “Who Lord, could need my prayer? There are so many who suffer, who fear, who despair. Who Lord?” And then as I listen in the quiet morning I begin to flip through my mind the list of those I know who are struggling. Slowly, and oh so gently these little things occur to me. “Remember when you hurt Jeane’s feeling on Saturday? Remember when you were lecturing Doris about your concern, your fear on Friday night when what she needed was simply someone to listen? (The lecture was for her own good, of course. ) Remember yesterday when you called Sally seeking a favor and did not immediately hear the fear and tension in her voice? Remember when Buddy needed an Aaron yesterday and you were too weary to even suggest that we all pray?”

Oh sweet Jesus, could it be me that needs prayer? Have I been so caught up in my pride and arrogance and ignorance that I haven’t seen the pain in other’s eyes?

Forgive me Father for I have sinned………

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