Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We have had SITG in our church here in Austin for about six months now.  We have four families with neighbors, and have watched God's hand helping the whole time.  It's so funny to see the difference in the groups from the first meeting to the meetings we are having now.  During the first meeting, we all had the feeling of "Are we doing this right?", or even "What exactly are we supposed to be doing ?".  But with lots of prayer, and turning all of our worries to God, our neighbor is changing before our eyes.  Kristin (not her real name) is a single mother of three, with the father of two of her children out of the country, and the father of her other child being the source of most of her pain.   We have prayed through many things with her, mostly for the healing of her pain related to her son's father.  Most recently, she found out that her toddler son was being taken to daycare without ever eating breakfast.  Her son was starving by the time they had lunch.  Because his father was dropping him off, there was no way for her to help her son.  As a family, we prayed about this, praying that this man would live up to his responsibilities as a father and feed his son.
Early the next morning,  we received a text from her saying that her son was sent to school with a bag from McDonalds!!!  God was present, and he wanted to show his love for this little boy, and for his mother.  God is in the details, and no request is too small!  It's so wonderful to know that God is in control, and our job as a family is only to pray and wait for him to act--in big and small ways.  I can't wait to see what God has planned for Kristin, and our whole Spiritual Family. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stand in the Gap Oklahoma City

It has been a plesure to be a part of the SITG team since September 08. Buddy and the national team have been so able and willing to help me as the presentations, training and follow-up have taken place. As the Program Director for the OKC metro we are seeing God's hand blessing us at every turn. I'm almost scared to post acitvity (don't want to jinx God, ha), but we have presented to 65 churches and organizations with over 30 that have responded with high interest. Out of that group we currently have 7 that have signed the ministry agreement and hope to have 10-12 signed and focussing on neighbors by the fall. Yeah God!
This being my first encounter with the BLOG, I have to say, pretty cool stuff.

making Him famous,

Widows, Orphans, Fatherless, etc.

I was involved in a conference call last night with the Stand in the Gap leadership team from the "rock of Asheville" church ( Asheville, N.C.). What kindred spirits. They were introduced to the SITG model by Brad Lomenick's blog. We sent them our implementation manual and they were off and running. Yet another church that has the DNA to say "send us" to share your love with our neighbors. This is a perfect example of the churches we are seeking. Those that are looking for a safe/proven/tested model to share God's love with the widows, orphans, captives, children aging out of foster care, etc.

Buddy Stone
Executive Director
Stand in the Gap America

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I’m in my second SITG family. With many demands on my time, and seemingly not enough hours in the day, why would I do something like this? I do it because when I think about all the things I have ever done, this seems like the one thing Jesus would like for me to do. It’s easily the most Christ-like thing I have ever done and I think the One who said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” would love Stand In The Gap.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two O’Clock Awakenings- Listening to God

Stand in the Gap taught me to "listen" for God. I've learned it several times now and continue to learn "how to listen for what God would like me to hear."

See below: 2 O''clock awakenings

The “two o’clocks” are those nights when you awaken at the same time several nights in a row. They are gifts for you. They are your quiet time with your God.

After that first flush of self-pity about being “awake again” in the middle of the night and getting past my self-centered pain syndrome; I wonder, “Who Lord, could need my prayer? There are so many who suffer, who fear, who despair. Who Lord?” And then as I listen in the quiet morning I begin to flip through my mind the list of those I know who are struggling. Slowly, and oh so gently these little things occur to me. “Remember when you hurt Jeane’s feeling on Saturday? Remember when you were lecturing Doris about your concern, your fear on Friday night when what she needed was simply someone to listen? (The lecture was for her own good, of course. ) Remember yesterday when you called Sally seeking a favor and did not immediately hear the fear and tension in her voice? Remember when Buddy needed an Aaron yesterday and you were too weary to even suggest that we all pray?”

Oh sweet Jesus, could it be me that needs prayer? Have I been so caught up in my pride and arrogance and ignorance that I haven’t seen the pain in other’s eyes?

Forgive me Father for I have sinned………