Thursday, March 12, 2009

SITG at Sanctuary

We've been running SITG at Sanctuary now for two years, and from a pastoral standpoint I can attest to the AMAZING blessing that it's been to us ... And even more, how far SITG has gone to remind us that divine power for transformation is embedded within in the DNA of the church if only she had eyes to see it.

While I could multiply examples of how God has used SITG to impact the lives of folks at Sanctuary, I'll share just one:

Bob and Sarah (not their real names) had been struggling with a really ugly extended unemployment situation for months. Bob, who had previously held a great position as a business manager for a medical practice, was now in a position of having to work temp jobs and cut lawns just make ends meet. With three kids and a mortgage, things were getting pretty scary. And with a job market here in Tulsa that was not what anyone would describe as booming, Bob's prospects looked pretty thin.

So we formed a SITG community around them. The group began meeting for prayer and within not more than two months a position as a COO at a non-profit corporation up in Green Bay, WI, opened up. Bob and Sarah and the three kids - sadly, but joyfully - moved up to Green Bay where Bob is loving his new position.

Chalk it up to coincidence if you will ... And perhaps it was ... But I'll tell you this and tell it on good authority: The level of such happy "coincidences" seem to rise when a SITG community is involved.

Perhaps Jesus was right when he said, "Where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them."

Imagine that.

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